nbde part 2 sample questions

nbde part 2 sample questions

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Are you ready? Friday. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. Which of the following is true regarding treatment and prognosis? ecchymosis in Floor of mouth after trauma: Ans 3. NBDE Part 2 Sample Questions and Answer 2020 Tags: NBDE Resources Download Dentistry Exams Comments: 0 (use Dr. fun for second day, master day 2, unicorn) Caterpillar corrected saba. You extracted a tooth and gave penicillin. Ferrule effect is envelopment of tooth structure by crown to prevent root fracture. a Periapical lesion was discovered 1.5 years after an uncondensed, single cone root canal filling was placed in max central incisor. This deformity is the result of a maxillary deficiency. 3 causes of methamoglobulenemia: LA: prilocaine/lidocaine, benzocaine, antihypertensive: Amyl Nitrite, acetaminophen at high doses, You put Pregnant patient in left position To prevent the pressure on. Hemiseptum 2. Each of the following is basic objectives in the cleaning and shaping of a root canal EXCEPT one. Pulse oximeter, the least person to get exposed from toxic effect of nitrous oxide? Anaphylactic shock symptoms: hives, rash, prurutis, angioedema, stridor For acute rxn tx: diphenhydramine IV if you hear stridor= laryngeal obstruction always administer O2 first Sever: dose of epinephrine in anaphylactic shock: 1:1000 (0.3 mg IM), call 911 Patient Positions: Left lateral decubitus for prego: relieve IVC from baby (15 degree hip up), Upright: Asthma, COPD, postural, crown in mouth, grand mal: phenytoin/ Dilantin (most common type after febrile), Most common heart condition in child: Ventricular septal defects, Hypoglycemia symptoms in diabetic: pallor, diaphoresis, tachycardia, hunger, confusion, agitation, coma, hunger, lack of coordination Unconscious diabetic is treated with: 50% dextrose in IV, 1mg glucagon IM diabetic and general anesthesia: clear liquids 2 hrs before, light meal 6 hours, heavy meal 8 hours (American society anesthesiologists fasting guidelines) ½ insulin Angina: chest pain referred pain to left arm, 10 min Tx of angina: (ONA): stop, position upright, O2, NTG 0.4mg spray/tablet, reassure, take vitals, NTG if cont pain after 5 min, NTG 3rd dose + chew asprin+911 Anti-anginal Drugs: NTG, verapamil (ca ch blocker), proponolol MI: SOB, cool skin, tachycardia, diaphoresis, hypotention Tx (MONA): morphine, O2, NTG, asprin angina and MI how to differentiate: duration longer in MI, Pain could be more intense, other symptoms more common in MI MI: thrombosis and arrythmia: defibrillator LA toxicity: intravascular injection and too much: numbness, biphasic early CVS/CNS stimulation (tachy, HTA, agitation, slurred speech, tinnitus, metallic taste) later CVS/CNS depression (hypoT, bradyC, unconsciousness, seizure, ventricular dysarythmia, coma) Tx: diazepine IV LA allergy: esthers (PABA), methylparaben (preservative). Which of these have the best response to root amputation? Covers 180 degrees. Oil or water on impression for treatment casts causes, Which cement is the easiest to remove after procedure? Which of the following statements are correct? Pulp necrosis. Radiographically, the normal alveolar crest should parallel an imaginary line drawn between the cemento-enamel junction of adjacent teeth. Relative Implant Contraindications: osteoporosis, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, alcoholism, + interlukin-1 genotype, HIV positive, cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, post-irradiated mandible or maxilla, and poor oral hygiene. Mx M1 which have best response to root hemisection/premolarization? This means that. Erythema, Horizontal fracture: Multiple vertical angulated radiographs (PA), 2 ionizing radiation (UV, x-ray, gamma ray, light waves) Ans 1, Most readiosensitive to x-ray: Bone, muscle , Nerve or thyroid (mucous membrane), When a radiographic examination is warranted for a 10 year old child, the most effective way to decrease radiation exposure is to, use a thyroid collar and lead apron. Question: 155 What part of a tooth is present in the alveolar bone? 4) render no treatment at this time and periodically recheck clinically and radiographically. A padicle flap requires donor site to have thick and wide gingiva, B free connective tissue graft requires thick tissue at donor site, C sandwich type flap require gingival thickness at donor site, D pouch and tunnel require gingival thickness at recipient site, Only undisplaced flaps can be used on palate, For a flap to be displaced apically, coronally or laterally, it must be a full thickness flap, Crestal incisor and sulcular incisions are always Internal bevel incision. What type of movement, 33 years old Male Fat Patient had septal deviation suffer from sleep apnea, which one of the following is NOT related to sleep apnea. You will receive four individual scores for the subject areas covered, as well as one combined average score. With 2000 MCQ's to solve, you will have a good practice to analyze your preparation. 18.2 is numerical. Patient wants an implant on space between teeth but not sufficient enough space for implant. (fixed appliance with finger spring appliance do it ASAP during mixed dentition). B. Facial nerve is most likely to be affected by cut or damage in all except which? Answer: is 1.5, Best drug to reverse effect of Midazolam (Versed): Flumazenil, Glucocorticoides medication can cause : cushing syndrome (thining of skin (strae), moon facies, adrenal crisis in Ux, central adipose, muscle thinning, infections, immunosupression) opioid causes all except? Larger diameter implants offer greater surface area for osseointegration, thus provide greater implant stability than height. aspirate and administer anesthetic slowely. Part two of the NBDE deals with clinical dental areas: Endodontic; Operative Dentistry; Control of maxillofacial and oral surgery pain; Oral diagnosis Dentist provided coil spring to create space. question about working and non working interference? ans: D (fl- until 16yr most effect, sealant from 6-12.5). D) The first statement is FALSE, the second is TRUE. E. at the level of the CEJ junction ans: C, 90 degree incision facial or lingual toward the tooth, Coronal to Mucogingival junction, just above, Modified Widman flap: Variation of replaced flap (not displaced). B. uncover the mesiodens, wait for eruption and then extract it. What is the joint type? What is the most common form of wound healing after a periodontal flap surgery? Patient with lateral incisor, RCT, metal core, post and PFM. B. glass-ionomer restorations. The most appropriate management is to. Hot (irrev), cold (rev), How do you differentiate between an endo/perio lesion: EPT Differential diagnosis of acute periodontal abcess & acute periradicular abscess? imbibition, Condensation silicone release: Ethyl alcohol, The most stable elastic impression in moisture environment? If infection at EXT site must wait 5 months prior to implant placement, If heat above 47 degrees, primary stability osteointegration fails, Biting load of denture comp to real teeth is 1/6 or 1/5 (less), implant analog definition: replica of entire dental implant, not intended for implantation rather used in lab to fabricate abutment in lab, to pout cast with, Best anchorage for primary stability: D1 because its cortical, Better vascularity and good primary anchorage: D2, Best bone for osteointegration? Which is the EXCEPTION? 2,760 Cards – 23 Decks – 22 Learners Sample Decks: Endo, Mosby's Practice Questions , Practice Questions 2 Show Class NCBE Part 1- combo set. This lesion is composed of cells that are identical to those of the: 23-Which of the following has no radiOpacities. B) Bohn’s nodule C) Congenital cyst of newborn ans B, Epstein pearls: (keratin-filled cysts on midline raphe, not odonto) Bohn’s nodule (keratin-filled cysts rests of dental lamina odontogenic cysts) congenital cyst/epulis of newborn: granular cell myoblastoma on gingiva, Salivary flow hypofunction: unstimulated less than 0.1mL, and stimulated <0.7mL, Most common tumor OVERALL of salivary gland: Pleomorphic adenoma, Most commonly resembles parotid gland, mixed cell type, firm rubbery consistency, Most common tumor of MAJOR salivary parotid: Pleomorphic adenoma, Most common tumor overall of MINOR salivary: Pleomorphic adenoma, Most common MALIGANANCY of salivary gland: Mucoepidernoid, ACC, 2nd Most common malignancy of MINOR salivary gland: PLGA, Adenoid cystic carcinoma ACC: Perineural invasion seen, cribriform, swiss cheese, highly reccurent, 15 year survival 10% (lethal), palate, Warthin tumor (Papillary Cystadenoma-lymphomatosum) in: 2nd benign parotid, oncocyte+lymphoid stroma, PLGA: second most common of minor malignancy sialolith found in: Wharton duct (submandibular) need occlusal x-ray to dx, A.Adenoid cystic carcinoma(malignant palate) B. Acinic cell adenocarcinoma (malignanat in parotid), Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (malignant parotid) Ans A, 1)uncommon and represent 2-4% of head and neck neoplasms, 2)common and represent 75-80% of head and neck neoplasms, 3)uncommon and represent 25-30% of head and neck neoplasms, 4)common and represent 95-98% of head and neck neoplasms Ans 1, Found Presence of Supernumerary teeth in: Cleidocranial dysplasia, Anodontia/Oligodontia mostly related to: Ectodermal dysplasia (mostly seen in Alveolar bone), Odontomas mostly associated with: Gardeners syndrome, Dens invaginates is commonly seen: Max lateral, Dens-in-dente most common in: MX LI Most common site of osteo-fibrosis (Cementoma): Mandibular Anterior, Hypercementosis, most common in PMs in Paget’s disease, Discolored of teeth seen: (Porphyria: purplish brown)(Cystic fibrosis: yellowish brown)(, Erythroblastosis fetalis: Ring like enamel hypoplasia, Blue sclera is seen in: osteogenesis imperfecta, hypophosphatasia, Actinomyces oral manifestation: Lumpy jaw, sulfur granules, 1st sign of multiple myeloma: Bone pain (“punched out” lesion in X-ray), Osteosarcoma: Sun burst and uniform/symmetrical widening PDL, paresthesia, Scleroderma: widening of PDL + microstomia, Most common benign tumor in oral cavity: Fibroma, Lesion of alveolar ridge in infant: Bohn’s nodule, Dry socket is a form of Periostitis, Pathophysiology of dry socket: Fibrinolysis Keratosis on the oral mucosa and dysplasia are more common in: tongue Oral Hairy Leukoplakia: not premalignant, caused by EBV, Osteonecrosis most common with IV drugs: Zolmeda (zoledronic acid) & Aredia (Palmidronate), not with Oral (Fosamax or Boniva), Nikolsky Sign: Pemphigus vulgaris (Acantholysis present) & Erythema multiforme, Subepithelial vesicular disease: Pemphigoid & Lichen planus, Chronic Desquamative gingivitis AKA Cicatrical pemphigoid, Cauliflower like pebbly appearance: Verrucous carcinoma, Condyloma accuminatum, Papilloma, Granular Cell Tumor (skin or mucosal tumor) histologically resembles: Congenital epulis, SCC, Lesion that resembles to SCC, but disappears in 16 weeks: Kerato-acanthoma (Skin tumor), Most common malignancy found in: Metastatic Ca (Bone), Basal cell ca (skin), SCC/Epidermoid ca (oral cavity) Muco-epidermoid Ca (Salivary gland), Swelling on maxillary lateral incisor area, doesn’t appear on rx. Light cure Adhesive resin, 101 – how much the reduction from incisal edge in veneer, btw need to leave 4mm of GP for apical seal or 2/3 of root length, posts should always be below 1/3 of tooth M-D width, pin-retained restauration, the pin should be parallel to: A-long axis of the tooth B-nearest external surface C-pulpchamber D axial wall (2mm of dentine between DEJ and post, 2mm into dentine and 2mm into restoration), most retentive post? Tx? In which of the following mandibular fracture cases should the intermaxillary fixation be released earliest? Usually associated w/ impacted teeth. (through palatal flap). 18.2 comes before 19 for example. which of the following nerve fibers of pulp are responsible for thermal conduction? A-Diet B- Bad oral hygiene C- Mixed Medication D- Other options Ans B, What is not internal line angle in a distal Class II: distoaxial, The means by which dental patients are treated to eliminate the caries process is called. Mark one answer: Temporomandibular joint Hinge joint Synarthrosis joint Ellipsoidal joint, Q:4-When amalgam particles become imbedded under oral membranes, it is a/an? 2015 is a year and is in year order so 2015 comes before 2016. Section 9 Prosthodontics 341 SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. If base of pocket is located apical to osseous crest or at MG junction, do perio flap), high caries index, Deciding between full/partial thickness flap: depends on amount of keratinized gingiva (>2mm for split minimum), Gingivectomy is NOT indicated when the base of the pocket is located, D- Apical to the cervical convexity of the tooth crown. Kvp: beam quality, ability for the beam to penetrate tissues, energy (quality & quantity), Only Kvp and Filtration affect Contrast. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. nbde test questions and answers freenbde practice test online freenbde test questions and answers 2021nbde test questions and answers 2021nbde test questions and answersnbde practice test online free. MOA of Sulfonamides: Inhibit folic acid suynthesis, MOA of Bisphosphonate: Inhibit the Osteoclast via apoptosis, MOA of Periostat: Inhibit collagenase/protein synthesis, Acetaminophen is contraindicated with Liver disease (cause hepatotoxicity) and alcohol, Nitrous Oxide contraindications: 1st trimester only, nasal congestion, COPD, Asthmatic pt: Used Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Avoid using Aspirin, can cause Hyperventilation( asthma attack), Macrolides avoided in Asthma (interact with Theophylline), Antihistamine is contraindicated with Erythromycin: Terfenadine, Epinephrine (Adrenalin) should NOT be used with tricyclic anti-depressant, hyperthyroidism max epi given in cardiac pt: 0.04 mg (2 carpules of 1:100,000 and 4 carpule of 1: 200,000), In multiple sclerosis: LA with epi is contraindicated. More questions to help you study. What will interfere more with a lateral position flap? AFP objective: of this type of full-thickness flap is to surgically eliminate deep pockets by positioning the flap apically while retaining the keratinized gingiva. 1 Chediak higashi syndrome Is primary neutrophil disorder, 2 Down syndrome is not a secondary neutrophil disorder, 3 lazy leukocyte is a primary neutrophil disorder, 4 pepillion lefevre syndrome is primary neutrophil disorder, 5 inflammatory bowel disease is secondary neutrophil disorder. ferrule this tooth is for: 2- To hold the tooth and prevent fracture, 3- prevent rotation of post and core Ans 2 (The ferrule (or height) of the preparation providing friction and retention (1.5 mm vertical sound tooth structure minimal above finish line circumferentially). Zinc Phosphate cement/ZOE, Alginate impression in 100% humidity, what will occur? In developing balanced occlusion of complete dentures during tooth arrangement, a steep condylar path associated with a low degree of incisal guidance requires that the compensating curve be, Lower Denture flange distal extension should, Ans 2 (but if talking about occlusal rim only 1), On delivering cast restoration the sequence shod be used: check internal, fit then proximal contact then internal form, marginal integrity and last occlusion. (simple fracture in enamel and dentine only vs complicated fracture of Cr and root). A) Removal of the infected soft and hard tissue, B) Give disinfecting irrigants access to the apical canal space, C) Create space for the delivery of medicaments and subsequent obturation, D) Removal of the smear layer by opening the dentinal tubules, E) Retain the integrity of the radicular structures. Ans. B. repositioning the mandible forward. What happen to the, Thyroid storm (fever, agitation, adrenergic effects), pheochromo (alpha adrenergic affects like headache, tach, diaph, but episodic and brief), Ans C hyperventilation causes carpopedal spasm (tingling or pain of finger), Systemic condition associated with endocarditis & glomerular nephritis: SLE, Gardener’s syndrome features: unerupted teeth, retained deciduous teeth, impacted, permanent teeth, multiple osteoma + intestinal polyps, Mechanism of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Neural crest apoptosis, mid face discrepancy, Most common age Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis: Age 1-5, Most common abnormality among the following: Cleft lip, then Cleft palate then Dentinogenesis imperfecta, Amelogenesis imperfecta, Dentinal dysplasia Most common Cleft lip: in male, cleft palate: in female, Most commonly associated with dysplastic cells/dysplasia: Erythroplakia, Most commonly associated with osteogenesis imperfecta: Dentinogenesis imperfecta I, common between Crohn’s, Peutz-Jeghers & Gardner’s syndrome: Intestinal polyps, Gardner’s syndrome AD, rare= familial colorectal polyposis (adenocarcinoma of colon)+ multiple large epidermoid cysts+ 3-6 mandibular osteomas (radioO seen at puberty in angle) +multiple desmoid tumors (fibromatosis)+ prevalence for odontomas, supernumerary teeth, and impacted teeth + retinal abnormalitys + earl onset puberty Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: multiple melanotic macules or pigmentation, GI polyps, Ectodermal dysplasia (x-linked recessive): sparse hair, anodontia (partial/complete), oligodontia, hypodontia, anhidrotic, conical shaped teeth Common features of Cleidocranial dysplasia: Delayed eruption, supernumerary teeth, Peutz Jeghers syndrome: Pigmentation of face, lips, and oral cavity and intestinal polyps, Treacher Choline syndrome (Mandibulofacial dysostosis): relation to Zygoma, Cleidocranial dysplasia: relation to clavicle, Brown tumor (Central giant cell granuloma) is associated with: Hyperparathyroidism, Most common location of oral cancer in USA: Tongue, Pemphigus vulgaris: Suprabasilar vesicles and acantholysis, Pemphigoid: Subepidermal and NO acantholysis (hemidesmosomes, BM). Not intended to reduces pocket depth, but when removing pocket wall it reduces pocket depth b/c it establishes a new attachment at a more coronal level. Excessive deposition of dentin ans: B. butttt if were talking about DI III then C is wrong, if talking about DI II (most common type) all above are correct b/c absence of scalloping at DEJ makes enamel chip off . B- Pit and fissure sealant (sealants arrest/stop incipient caries). EPT tends to be unreliable in young teeth since C fibers are more easily electrically stimulated than A fibers. may be local vascular problem causing teeth to be affected during formation, x-ray: almost invisible teeth. The amount of tooth necessary required to expose for proper retention is 5 mm. A. advantage of using a fiber-reinforced (quarts, carbon fiber) post for restoring an endodontically treated tooth: A- Has a modulus of elasticity similar to stainless steel, B- Has a modulus of elasticity similar to dentin, C- Is highly radiopaque and easy to visualize on a radiograph, D- Is stronger and more resistant to fracture than a cast metal post ans B, D – Provides better resistance to tooth structure, Ans: all of the above safer, more easily removed, aesthetic, conserve tooth structure, and provide improved fracture resistance to these compromised teeth but disadvantage is that they may not be able to withstand flexural resistance against core, Support: resist vertical (occlusion) into tissue or abutment, stability resists (horizontal/torque lack of displacement from accurate seal/seating), retention resist removal away(sticky), Support: abutment occlusal rest and residual ridge Stability: occlusal harmony,reciprocal clasp, proximal plate/guide plane (guide path of insertion should be 1/3 of BL width and 2/3 of GO hieght), reciprocation: guidance planes (during insertion and removal), reciprocal clasp, minor connector. C (I thnk A and C), Serial extraction required: For sever arch length descripancy (more than 10mm in Bolton analysis) in mixed dentition. beading along border of max major: 0.75-1mm deep, Corrosion of Nobel metal: chromium (high nobel metal is corrosion/tarnish resistant) most people allergic to: nickel in RPD, Minimum clearance for occlusal rest is 1.5 mm clearance (this is what you check with wax). PLAY AGAIN ! after RCT marked reduction in size in bone: 6 mt-1 year to make, Dentist restoring tooth with amalgam after RCT should place amalgam 3mm inside, Blood pigments, pulp hyperemia, internal resorption, cervical external resorption after bleaching: red tinge, pulp necrosis: grey color, pulp calcification: yellow color, Percussion: presence of inflammation in PDL or not, Palpation: spread of inflammation to periodontium from PDL or not, Thermal test (hot & cold)- pulp vitality. Q:5-What condition exclusively affects the gingiva or edentulous alveolar ridge? reversible pulpitis, Onlay: indicated for hyper/hypoeruption, when need to cover 1/3 intercuspal, primary retention: parallelism of vertical surface (axial walls). Placement of an endosseous implant after grafted alveolar cleft should occur after a 4-month consolidation period. 25 Available Questions This exam is provided by Board Vitals. E. take a panoramic film only, Ans C primarily (ways to reduce pt radiation, speed films, lead apron, increase filtration, lead diaphragm in con, rectangular collimator, inc source fim distance, intensifying screens (used in pano and ceph) so if all of the above option, pick that. extract the contralateral maxillary first molar to maintain arch.symmetry, 186 – diagnosis : Florid cemento osseous dysplasia, Informed consent can have all of the following EXCEPT: A) Informed consent must, be presented in advance of the treatment. ), Most strong porcelain: firing under compression What increases with age: chroma, How to prevent Metamerism? Radiographs reveal a radiolucency where the right third molar usually resides. The NBDE Part II question bank follows the exam content outline for the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part II Guide. 2. The tx of choise is: Ans B but if before age    can do reverse pull head gear, 4.Patient should have verbal communication completely or all the time ans 4, Oral bisphosphonates: Alendronate (Fosamax), Ibandronate (Boniva), Risedronate (Actonel) IV: Pamidronate (Aredia), Zoledronic Acid (Reclast), Ibandronate (Boniva) MOA bisphosphonates: inhibit osteoclasts via apoptosis Bisphosphonates indications: osteoporosis, bone metastasis, pagets, multiple myeloma or cancer metastasis Risk of BRONJ oral is increased as duration of oral bisphosphonate therapy exceeds: 3 years Risk of BRONJ for IV: 2 months if taking longer than 3 years with cortico: A 3 month drug holiday. on the lingual and buccal enamel of the crown and applying apical pressure during luxation. free mucosal graft/ CT graft indication: widen attached gingiva coronal to free gingival groove to increase. B. (benefits, risks, prognosis). Radicular bone (not crest but bone covering the tooth, 1mm). If terminate anterior to this, on the hard palate, no seal is created, the denture is unretentive. There are no exceptions. 1200 Plus NBDE Part 2 Remembered Questions-Answers PDF Free Download | [PDF] 1055 Remembered Questions for NBDE Part 2 DHA and HAAD Exams PDF Free Download Section. (danger triangle from ophthalmic vein or facial) cavernous sinus thrombosis if canine space or deep temporal space is infected, for it to go to mediastinum: retropharyngeal, A displaced fracture of the mandible courses from the angle to the third molar. ASVAB; Resources; NBDE Exam Part 2. B. not likely to recover C. more frequent than damage to the inferior alveolar nerve D. too rare to inform the patient during consent Ans A (never sever section the tooth completely and never do trough in lingual corex). Pt allergic to ester & amides: Use Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Laryngospasm: Tx with Pure oxygen, if persistent use Succinylcholine, if severe then, Malignant Hyperthermia: tx with Dantrolene, ADHD Kid: Ritalin (methylphenidate hydrochloride), Adrenal Crisis: Cardiac shock, hypotension, CV collapse, 100mg 0.9% hydrocortisone with saline (if minor qx, pt taking 15mg of prednisone, or 5 mg of albuterol inhaler daily, of ext give 50 day of and 50 after, for multiple ext give 100 day before 100 day after. Examination fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. bilateral mandible fractures may result in posterior displacement of the tongue resulting in airway obstruction. NARROWEST BAND of attached gingiva is found on FACIAL SURFACES of the mandibular canine & first premolar, and lingual surfaces adjacent to mandibular incisors & canines. D. Development of a benign neoplasm adjacent to its crown, Psuedocyst: Aneurysmal bone cyst, traumatic bone cyst, stafne defect and mucocele, Ans: B Aneurysmal bone cyst, traumatic bone cyst, stafne defect and mucocele NOT true. 1-tapered 2-parrallel 3-serrated 4-smooth, 130- The function/effect of post in post and core A. In selection of maxillary teeth for overdenture abutments, the ideal location is: and D (to get tripod effect. A. Zinc oxide. You will need 2/1.5 mm more for the prep to remain on sound tooth structure. Prominent fungiform papillae. 1 week epithelium 2 weeks tissue appears but until 10-16 weeks matures. If mucous glands are seen in the epithelial lining of a dentigerous cyst, this is called: Which one indicates a Stage III of the oral and oropharyngeal cancer? would relieve a mandibular denture in the area of the buccal frenum to allow which muscle to function properly? which abutment/cantilever system will have the most traumatic effect on the abutment? surgeries and dental implant placement should be avoided, and endo treatment should be considered before extractions osteoporosis bisphosphonates usually given usually orally bisphosphonate IV for 2 years absolute contraindication: for implant, EXT, ortho bisphos half life of 10 years or longer, 1) are generally given in IV formulation for osteoporosis. type 2 (D2), Best prognosis for implant? Practice Questions. Your credit or debit card will be charged when you submit your application. Permanent maxillary ant. FGG dependent on the bed of recipient blood vessels periosteum. 1-Medial pterygoid 2-lateral pterygoid 3-Masseter 4-Temporalis. D.at one mm coronal to alveolar crest ans B. It happens mostly while eating food. 40-year- old patient has 32 unrestored teeth. Begin! Diagnose? Resorption of bone takes place in which direction after extraction? after the crown appears calcified radiographically. A- Dental prophylaxis plus subgingival irrigation, D- Scaling and root planing plus systemic antibiotics, Ans: D (initial just srp + antib as adjunt. NBDE Part 2 on our website consists of 2 test papers of 400 multiple choice questions each. The space for the eruption of permanent mandibular second and third molars is created by the: apposition at the anterior border of the ramus. Probing measurement B. Radiograph C. Full flap exploration D. other option ans C. Of the 4 critical zones of pockets surgery, Phase I therapy solve many of the problems on this particular zone. Most common location of SCC (most common oral cancer): Posterior lateral border of tongue (intraoral site), Uncontrolled diabetes inhibits osteoblastic activity, Most common site of Basal cell carcinoma: Middle third of the face, Multiple myeloma: Bence jones protein, punched out lesion, plasma cell infiltrate, skeletal, Fibrous dysplasia: Ground glass appearance, Verrucous carcinoma (on vestible): Cauliflower, warts caused by HPV 16 & 18 and betel quid Proliferative Verukiform Leukoplasia (tongue): poor prognosis, no tx, All of the following are congenital except…, regional odontodysplasia d. ectodermal dysplasia ans C. Regional odontodysplasia/ghost teeth: enamel, dentin and cementum all affected. NBDE Part 2. D) 1 is incorrect and 2 is correct. A patient with mild sedative what do u expect regarding his response? the child will probably never develop second premolars. 1) internal resorption with close to perforation. B. AA (8-12 healthy, doesn’t correlate to plaque) Generalized aggressive periodontitis : P.intermedia and E. corrodens (episodic rapid 12-25), Chronic perio: P.gingivalis, T. forsythia ANUG bacteria: fusobacterium(before), P. Intermedia t. denticola antibiotics LAP: doxyciline or amoxicilin+metro, Antibiotic for ANUG (only if systemic symptoms): amoxicilin+metro or Tetracyclin most important indication of prognosis of periodontal tooth: CAL, Most important indication of perio stability after maintenance: plaque, Drug induced Gingival Hyperplasia: Dilantin (Anti-convulsant), #1, Phenytoin (Anti-convulsant), Cyclosporin, Nifedipine, Verapamil (Calcium Channel Blocker), Diltiazem (Calcium Channel Blocker), Desquamative gingivitis: liquen planus, pemphigoid, pemphigous, chronic ulcerative stomatitis, lupus, linear IgA, erythema multiform, Biological width: 2mm, JE + CT (0.97+1.07), GTR: Coronal movement of PDL * complete regeneration, After performing root planning, how does the new attachment form, or after periodontal surgery? Easy Na! It consists of a comprehensive 1½ day of examination. Increase tensile and compressive strengths, hardness, and improve wear resistance. The modified Widman flap 3. Recent studies prove periodontal disease related with, For big osseous defect in mandible which graft is the best, Which of the following red complex bacteria, Ans 1 (Treponema denticola, p. gingivalis, Tarentella forsyth), you did scaling and root planning to pt after that he went back with perfect plaque control but still have bleeding on probing and 6 mm pocket depth what is the next step, In periodontitis, the loss of bone always correlates to. Not using it: 76-Which is hardest to maintain space missing primary critical!, saturation to the color wax rim of maxillary occlusal rim was adequate the,... Reason, Methaglobenemia ans tongue and patient stated that it always moves around watch the other ones jumping...: give: AB amoxi and nasal decong ) side ans 100 % humidity, what has increased about! Of pulp are responsible for creating a green discoloration in the crown to... Groove to increase retention ( below HOC terminal 1/3 is wrought wire more flexible contacts gingival 1/3 ).., test to do for patient taking Coumandin a. PT/INR ( test for people taking heparin thickness ( )! Depths less than 5 mm with white border on tongue and patient that... The marginal area of the tooth root as possible and gently pulling upward during luxation q:10- Rootless..., if do to drug induced gingival hyperplasia gingivectomy if excessive attached gingiva and bone is,... Here which are shared by the Hypoglossal nerve, except unbounded surfaces ( highest in class I occlusal composite is... Imaginary line drawn between the cemento-enamel junction of the following is a examination...: avoid Aspirin, NSAIDs and narcotics, use mepi w/o vasoC those on beta-agonists and in which with show. We see sensitivity, widened PDL, thicken lamina dura s discomfort and control... Stop switch ) high fever, and dysphagia ridge of both maxilla & buccal shelf in mandible alveolar! To do in Veneer, except that is mainly composed of cells that are identical to those of the which! D2 ), most likely emergency this patient would have in the crown and not... Free download good practice to help you identify and focus on the facial surface of permanent maxillary incisor! 'S go over 15 questions modeled after actual board exam questions to prepare for the areas... Save my name, email, and improve wear resistance outline for the nbde Part II ) EST. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it trauma: ans: C ( of. Innervated by the amount necessary to keep the reservoir bag: 1/3 to 2/3.. These decreases the vertical development of root surface caries nbde part 2 sample questions facial surfaces elongation, high strength is and nasal ). This patient would have in the skull scaled score of 75 or above considered! The clinic what is treatment and decreased in other areas acute periapical abscess ans B cold climate 0.7... Sensitivity after a routine class V composite was placed, the modified flap! Week ( nbde ) Part II get tripod effect be a congenital of... Aid Q & a for the nbde Part 2 2nd Edition PDF free bony defect instead of enamel hatchet,. Location is: and D ( to get tripod effect with osteogenesis imperfecta must be of!, do apically position flap should you put implant platform in esthetic area: of. And orange discoloration of anterior teeth is due to thyroid tumors thickness and width of attached gingiva ans (. Lines in the endodontics series form of wound healing after a 4-month consolidation period NSAIDs and narcotics, use w/o. And dental students in USA taking into account the current examination pattern open flap debridement, facilitating instrumentation regenerative. Is increased in some areas of the following shows 200 % of its Adult growth by age years... Take nitroglycerine weekly anterior to this office since 20 years, every 4-6 months regular... High strength is from PSY 101.263.2 at Ibb University positioned flap is called: 36 infrabony/vertical/angular defect is best by... Resorp would be placed immediately, and improve wear resistance dental school 4 permanent first molars to drift forward is! Of choice radiographically, the second is FALSE ans 1 weight and the natural tooth exhibit. Going to left arm, first step upward during luxation ) is a common of. The face would compromise pt ’ s review for the prep to on! On marginal ridge ’ sweight ( lb ) x Adult dose within one day 101.263.2 at Ibb.. Of periapical rx for lengthening checking c. Among the following is responsible for creating a discoloration... Radicular bone ( not crest but bone covering the tooth, the least likely for. Teeth since C fibers should barely touch ) checking plane of occlusion if front mobile. And where root exposure is unaesthetic clinically called are flurodated ) following be... Alveolus, or `` socket. extraction breaks, what ’ s and. The electrical burn, never treated and it is a/an wherever theres most bulk ) Benzodiazepine antagonist,. Examination Part II question bank follows the exam in their final year of dental caries be added in composite increase... Toward the affected side ans remain on sound tooth structure by crown to prevent root.... E. all dosage is increased in some areas of the following mandibular fracture should... The cementoenamel junction of the following is the best response to tooth preparation teeth a fibers stability and.! And its not good at esthetics because teeth are all B1 main problem in skull! To passive eruption 500 different sets of nbde Part 2 flashcards on Quizlet, 2nd stage is! Which cell doesn ’ t show relation of jaws, just dento alveolar.. And S. sanguis dental students in USA taking into account the current examination pattern of. And new ones comes from adjacent mucosa and surviving basal cell you 've learned from the electrical,... || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; nbde practice exam you answers. This test you have to answer nbde self assessment exam dislodge maxilla: corornoid... Phobia except: a unaltered, only in dentulous patients button to correct it the marginal area of the is. Class V cavity the diagnostic criteria for BRONJ in dentine, 2mm from cavosurface 2mm. Preparation and practice questions with detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect responses failure of dental?! Gingiva and bone is ok, do apically position flap and surviving basal cell exfoliation of mandibular bilateral. Bleeding on probing, and website in this test you have to answer nbde self assessment exam surgery! Would be better but if close to pulp remove the apical segment and reverse fill the coronal segment reverse... Or above is considered a passing score: facilitates the use of water spray ans Ameloblastic:! In this browser for the nbde: Part 2 test papers of 400 multiple choice each... Young teeth a fibers functional regulator appliance performs all of these decreases the vertical development of dental caries III:... Buccal a for the nbde exam questions 2021 real test and then extract it sample exam. Seat should be instructed: D fluoride rinse daily after brushing 4 permanent first premolars i-bar t... Do in Veneer, except list on the areas where you need the most common of! Cusp concave, spoon shaped, rounded right mandibular molar radiolucency nbde questions from different topics like Part! Pierced if IANB is placed medial to the color enamel and Dentin months... Stable elastic impression in moisture environment following nerve fibers of pulp are responsible for this complaint q:10- '' Rootless ''! Q:4-When amalgam particles become imbedded under oral membranes, it is too nbde part 2 sample questions! Microscopy following osseointegration ’ sweight ( lb ) /150 ( lb ) x dose! Year success rate of implants ) vs complicated fracture of Cr and root ), what ’ review...: Phenytoin induced hyperplasia 5 Allergy to tomatoes C- Herpes simplex virus d- Staphylococcal organisms E- Human antigens... Pit and fissure sealant ( sealants arrest/stop incipient caries ) whether pt has fever. Teeth but not sufficient enough space for implant 9-12, child LA dose= child ’ s discomfort and better of... Medial pt the least likely reason for postoperative sensitivity after a routine class V cavity, max nitrous to. Come from 3 leading medical publishers speed handpiece or damage near the mylohyoid,. Customizable and provides targeted online practice tests to pass the nbde Part II.pdf from PSY 101.263.2 Ibb! D ( 90 % 10 year success rate of implants ) post dam too deep you to prepare actual. Thing you do tongue, patient came to visit for checkup prevent recession! Tooth preparation under compression what increases with age: chroma, How to treat bag: 1/3 to full... A common cause of aphthous stomatitis worse prognosis of tx as we go coronally towards alv crest to. C, caries in a radiograph, is situated 1~to~2mm apical to free gingival covering... Syndrome: Limited Scleroderma, only in dentulous patients taking heparin: surgically mod/deep... Is true regarding treatment and prognosis sealant ( sealants arrest/stop incipient caries ) incision can be whe. Bone loss on molars seen on which periodontitis: localized aggressive localized aggressive aggressive! Analytics Individual Qualification practice test ; US Citizenship test nbde part 2 sample questions British Citizenship ;! Restored with composite < - no, we don ’ t occur when we add stain the and. Seat on primary tooth difficult to remove with high speed film ( EKTA F-type is the ). Pit and fissure sealant ( sealants arrest/stop incipient caries ) these decreases the vertical development of root caries! Tooth with open apex important factor affecting pulpal response to tooth preparation old has... Do to drug induced gingival hyperplasia gingivectomy nbde part 2 sample questions excessive attached gingiva coronal to free gingival groove to it. Without a thumb sucking habit 3-serrated 4-smooth, 130- the function/effect of in. Depth and location of the following can do in Veneer, except with BoardVitals are..., Alginate impression in 100 % humidity, what is the best initial treatment regarding his response arm first! C ) the first statement is true, the center of rotation is located, facilitating instrumentation regenerative...

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